• Eric - Hong Kong

    Eric - Hong Kong

  • Christa - Singapore

    Christa - Singapore

  • Seb - Singapore

    Seb - Singapore

  • Kent - Singapore

    Kent - Singapore


  • Aldo - Italy

    Aldo - Italy

    Thanks again for taking me for a ride on your beautiful bikes! It was a great experience and hopefully I will own one myself when they officially come out!

  • Ben - USA

    Ben - USA

  • Ed - Australia

    Ed - Australia

  • Lorna - Singapore

    Lorna - Singapore

    Fantastic retro single speed bikes that I am in love with. A smooth and stylish ride made with lots of TLC. I'm placing my order!

  • Malti - Singapore

    Malti - Singapore

    Loved riding the Lola! Yes, my opinion may be slightly biased but it was really a great ride. It was very comfortable and the Lola hubs go on and on and on.

  • Maya - Singapore

    Maya - Singapore

  • Melissa - USA

    Melissa - USA

  • Pep - Singapore

    Pep - Singapore

  • Richard - Singapore

    Richard - Singapore

  • Rob - Singapore

    Rob - Singapore

    The Lola is a modern classic. It’s not only a beautiful machine but a silky smooth ride. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to fans of classic race bikes who want to ride them rather than just look.

  • Kamal - Singapore

    Kamal - Singapore